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Two years ago, I took the plunge and took a long vacation. I wanted to take a break from work and get out of my studio and wanted to take time to reflect on myself.
All I wanted to do was to spend time just doing nothing in the mountains or at the seaside in nature. I wasn’t thinking of working or writing songs or anything during my vacation. However, images spread and melodies came to me and I realized the energy of nature inspired me and set my senses free.
The songs I began to write down at that time are the ones you hear on this CD. Of course I could not do all the arranging or recording in nature. Actually, it took a lot of time and lot of work. What surprised me most was the fact that I didn’t feel stress at all during the process. The staff understood me and encouraged me. They gave me energy. So I enjoyed the whole process.
I believe and hope the audience of this CD will feel the same way-- natural and positive.

Takanori Arisawa

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